Blogs And Updates

First Week Over

First week is over and looking good. Have gotten good attendance and work from all of the new members. We’re hoping for a good robot this year. šŸ˜Š

8/3/18 – End of the Year

It is the end of the year. Our team is working hard to design and finish their other robot for the Fall Classic in September. So far, the intake and arm are being 3d modeled. Knightrise continues to work hard and finish building their robot by their Innovation Fair on September 22nd!

Mmm, breakfast

I know it’s crunch week but we were hungry and robotics hadn’t started yet.


Only 2 more build weeks. Our students need to be here as much as possible and working at top performance and concentration.

Ventura Regional Results

After briefly achieving a first place ranking at the 2017 Ventura Regionals, Team Knightrise finished the competition with a 26 ranking… the highest we’ve ever ranked!

To see photos from this exciting event, please visit our photo gallery.

Message to all team Members and Mentors

Hi all Walter here I just wanted to welcome you to our teams new website we have some restricted content and links for our team members please email me and i will give you the password.